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Tow Truck Insurance

Tow Truck Insurance

Trusted Coverage Tailored for Tow Truck Operators

At R&A, we specialize in providing comprehensive insurance solutions specifically designed for tow truck businesses. Tow truck operations face unique risks, and having the right insurance coverage is crucial to protect against unexpected incidents and liabilities.

Essential Insurance Policies for Tow Truck Companies

Tow truck businesses must carry minimum commercial auto insurance as mandated by state laws. Additionally, general liability insurance is vital, covering third-party bodily injury, property damage, and other related claims.

On-hook Towing Insurance: Provides coverage for a customer’s vehicle while being towed.

Garagekeepers Liability Coverage: Protects a customer’s vehicle while parked on the tow company’s property.

Tailored Coverage for Your Needs

We proudly represent three exclusive insurance carriers, serving as the sole access point for their insurance products dedicated to the towing and recovery market in our territory. Our comprehensive coverage forms are meticulously designed by towers, for towers, ensuring that your specific needs are met.

Commitment to the Towing & Recovery Industry

Community Engagement: As active members of the Towing & Recovery Professionals of MD, Pennsylvania Towing Association, and the Virginia Association of Towing & Recovery Operators, we are deeply involved in the towing industry.

Advocacy and Support: Engaged in state legislative matters, we advocate for policies beneficial to towing operators, safeguarding their interests.

Specialized Services and Expertise

Dedicated Claims Team: Our claims team possesses in-depth knowledge of the towing and recovery industry, ensuring swift and informed claims handling.

Risk Management: With an in-house loss control unit holding certifications in OSHA 10, 30, and defensive driving training, safety is paramount in our services.

Comprehensive Network: We offer access to a range of peripheral services for clients, including dealers, financing, legal, and benefits specialists, enhancing the support we provide.

Contact Us for Tailored Insurance Solutions

Tow truck businesses face industry-specific risks, and having the appropriate insurance coverage is essential. Contact R&A today to explore how our specialized insurance products can safeguard your towing and recovery operations effectively.